Let your cell phone to achieve a cell phone film glasses free 3D features

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Let your cell phone to achieve a cell phone film glasses-free 3D features

Singapore light Ma Xili Institute of technology said in a message on the official Web site, with the a * STAR of materials research and engineering company (IMRE) joint research and development of nano-technology made a major breakthrough on the screen, simply put a 0.1mm protective film on the phone, and can be implemented on a 2D screen glasses-free 3D content. In addition, the 3D film can also be used for corporate and banking security token feature of the next generation, horse 3D glasses are weaker burst. Vans waffle

Dan Ma Xili Jaslyn Law Institute of nano-materials research and Development Center, says this film using IMRE’s proprietary patented nano-printing technology, in less than 0.1mm in the film contains approximately 500,000 lens, it is through the lens of refraction, making consumers in the film poor binocular vision when viewing screen, enabling 3D. Since 2010, Dan Ma Xili Institute of nano material research and Development Center has been working to improve the film’s flatness, clarity and transparency of its technology in a leading position in the market.

As a complement to the film, the team also developed the iOS and Android applications, allowing users to their 2D pictures into-d pictures on a mobile phone, in addition, the team also plans to develop a software development kit, wtri games game developer can be easily converted and adapted 3D version. However, on this film and application time to market have not been explained.

“On the cell phone glasses-free 3D”

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As we all know, there is a characteristic of the human eye is much smaller, this difference further in distance formation of icing. Display in the 2D display 3D graphics with real three dimensional difference are unable to simulate the Visual difference from far and near, so now you see on the screen just looks like the real world, but scientists take advantage of this principle, by human visual differences caused by light refraction method to achieve the glasses-free 3D displays.

There are two main 3D display technology, one is called Parallax barrier technology, another columnar lens technology.

  Vans case

Parallax barrier technology and polarized 3D glasses are similar, using a switch the LCD Panel, polarizer, and liquid crystalline polymer layer, using liquid crystal layers and films to create a series of 90 ° in the direction of polarization vertical stripes to form a 3D effect. Representatives of manufacturers of such technologies and products include: sharp glasses-free 3D mobile phone released, Nintendo 3DS game machine.


Columnar lens technology is also known as double convex lens or micro-cylindrical lenses. Its principle is in front of the LCD screen, plus a layer of columnar lens under each lens of the pixels of the image is divided into several sub-pixels, eyes watching the display from a different perspective, see a different sub-pixel. To produce visual differences to form a 3D effect.


Look from the cell phone film description, this kind of mobile phone film using the technology for the columnar lens technology.


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